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PROCEEDINGS from 2018 г.

Faculty of Law Studies
Book 7 - Law Sciences

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  1. FRI-2B.313-1-L-01
    Eloquence and argumentation
    Prof. Lachezar Dachev, Doroteya M. Dimova-Severinova
  2. FRI-2B.313-1-L-02
    Protection of persons with non-chemical dependences
    Elitsa Kumanova, Nikolina Angelova
  3. FRI-2B.313-1-L-03
    Religion, culture and law as inclusive conditions and criteria for belonging to the European civilization and the European Union
    Ivelin Velchev
  4. FRI-2B.313-1-L-04
    Roman ideas for the modern concept of legal disciplinary liability
    Velislava Acheva
  5. FRI-2B.313-1-L-05
    From the Babylon tower to homo ciberneticus/ short socio-theological analysis of transhumanism
    Svilen Spasov
  6. FRI-2B.313-1-L-06
    Historical approach to administrative law
    Emanuil Kolarov
  7. FRI-2B.313-1-L-07
    Resignation as a reason for the expiration of the prerogatives of a national representative
    Zornitsa Yordanova
  8. FRI-2B.313-1-L-08
    Double taxation and double non-taxation.Avoidance measures Legal protection of taxpayers in the light of administrative cooperation in tax matters between EU member states
    Elina Marinova
  9. FRI-2B.313-1-L-09
    Income from the activity of prostitution is not illegal it must be subjected to taxation and therefore meritful of tax protection
    Eduardo Maria Piccirilli
  10. FRI-2B.313-1-L-10
    Legal treatment of inheritance tax
    Vania Panteleeva
  11. FRI-2B.313-1-L-12
    Professions in health care system – basic terms and critical review
    Maria Radeva
  12. FRI-2B.313-1-L-13
    Legal-dociological parameters of national anti-discrimination legislation related to the characteristics age and disability
    Leyman Tyuleoglueva
  13. FRI-2B.313-1-L-14
    The movable and immovable property and the fight of social assistance in the context of the Social assistance Act
    Byulent Mehmed
  14. FRI-2B.313-1-L-15
    Status and position of Bulgarian National Audit Office among the bodies of state governance
    Zhivko Dimov
  15. FRI-2B.313-1-L-16
    About measure of law
    Svetla Marinova
  16. FRI-2B.313-1-L-17
    Protection and care for refugee children in therepublic of Bulgaria
    Desislava Mladenova Argirova
  17. FRI-2B.311-1-L-01
    Analysis and comment of paragraph 2 of Interpretative Decision № 8/2012 of Supreme Court in a relation to the subjective property rights defense
    Serghei Calincov
  18. FRI-2B.311-1-L-02
    Comparison between the inheritance and the other means for substitution of the debtor
    Ventsislav L. Petrov
  19. FRI-2B.311-1-L-03
    Specifics of the procedure of stabilization
    Tihomir Nikolov
  20. FRI-2B.311-1-L-04
    Legal nature of the plan for stabilization
    Teodor Genev
  21. FRI-2B.311-1-L-05
    The agreement resulting from mediation on individual labor disputes
    Antonina Dimitrova
  22. FRI-2B.311-1-L-06
    The agreement resulting from mediation on collective labor disputes
    Antonina Dimitrova
  23. FRI-2B.311-1-L-07
    Unfair commercial practices in distance contracts under the consumer protection act
    Ioana Kaneva
  24. FRI-2B.311-1-L-08
    Insolvency proceedings of members of a group of companies
    Vladislav Ivanov
  25. FRI-2B.311-1-L-09
    The determination of an appropriate adoptive parent
    Elena Todorova
  26. FRI-2B.311-1-L-10
    The agent in the role of a procedural substitute
    Zlatozar Yordanov
  27. FRI-2B.308-1-L-01
    Essence of the concept of national security
    Kremena Rayanova
  28. FRI-2B.308-1-L-02
    The personal security survey
    Milen Ivanov
  29. FRI-2B.308-1-L-03
    Can mediation be an alternative to the punishment of imprisonment
    Svetlin Antonov
  30. FRI-2B.308-1-L-04
    Interrogation as a method for gathering non-material evidence of a crime
    Nevena Ivanova Ruseva
  31. FRI-2B.308-1-L-05
    Anonimous signals as a counter-corruption measude at the Ministry of Interior
    Pavlin Iliev
  32. FRI-2B.308-1-L-06
    Modern technologies for improving the level of security of the elderly people
    Desislava Viktorova
  33. FRI-2B.308-1-L-07
    Punishments imposed for hooliganism in the Republic of Bulgaria
    Ivaylo Ivanov
  34. FRI-2B.308-1-L-08
    To the question is transformative nature of the right to personal protection in the criminal process?
    Lyuboslav Lyubenov
  35. FRI-2B.308-1-L-09
    Physiological affect- medical, legal and applied aspects
    Nikolay Nikolov, Nikolina Angelova
  36. FRI-2B.308-1-L-11
    About the operative hearing in criminal proceedings
    Anatoli Bobokov

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