Faculty of Business and Management
Book 5.1 - Economics and Management

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  1. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-01
    Some Management Aspects of the Implementation of the Internet of Things
    Milena Kirova
  2. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-02
    Comparison of methods for attendance tracking for offline and online events in educational organizations
    Igor Sheludko
  3. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-03
    Case Study: Managing the Monitoring System for Attendance Tracking Using Survey Administration Software
    Igor Sheludko
  4. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-04
    Production Planning as Key Element for the Operational Effectiveness of Industrial Enterprises
    Plamen Penchev, Pavel Vitliemov
  5. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-05
    The Model of Maturity as a Factor for Sustainable Development of Organizations
    Neli Babekova, Pavel Vitliemov
  6. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-06
    „KPI“ Management as Key Element for the Operational Effectiveness of Automotive Industry
    Georgi Valeriev Georgiev, Pavel Vitliemov
  7. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-07
    Intrapreneurship Improvement in A Machine Building Firm Through the ISO 9001:2015 Principles
    Denitsa Fileva, Daniel Pavlov
  8. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-08
    Development of Elements in System of Quantitative Indicators for Monitoring Internal Entrepreneurship
    Denitsa Fileva, Anton Nedyalkov
  9. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-09
    Social Media Influencers as Digital Entrepreneurs
    Milena Todorova
  10. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-10
    Improving the Organization and Safety of Work in Industrial Enterprises in A Pandemic Condition
    Svilen Kunev
  11. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-11
    Research of Consumer Resistance in Perception of A New Product in the Conditions of Covid Pandemic
    Svilena Ruskova, Svilen Kunev
  12. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-12
    Research the Impact of the Change in the Organization Caused by the Covid Pandemic
    Svilena Ruskova
  13. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-13
    Co-management – An Alternative Approach to Decision Making
    Svilena Ruskova, Dima Spasova
  14. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-14
    Reinforce Skills of Students and Teachers to Enhance of Higher Education in Moldova
    Bozhana Stoycheva
  15. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-15
    Challenges to Human Resources in Service Management
    Anton Nedyalkov
  16. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-16
    Cycle of Success or Cycle of Failure: Which One is Appropriate for Service Organizations
    Anton Nedyalkov
  17. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-01
    Saving and Consumption Spending in Bulgaria During the Covid19 Pandemic
    Kamelia Assenova
  18. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-02
    Who Gets a Covid-19 Vaccine? А Cross Sectional Study
    Aleksandar Kosuliev, Elizar Stanev
  19. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-03
    The Effects of Covid-19 on the Bulgarian Labour Market
    Aleksandar Kosuliev
  20. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-04
    The Impact of Covid-19 on Household Income in Bulgaria
    Aleksandar Kosuliev
  21. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-05
    Impact of Covid-19 on Safe Work
    Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Aleksandar Kosuliev
  22. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-06
    Advantages of Pan-European Personal Pension Product for Bulgarian Citizens
    Galina Stoyanova
  23. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-07
    Adjustment to Adverse Shocks without Exchange Rate Changes
    Petar Penchev
  24. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-08
    Exchange Rate Uncertainity and Economic Growth
    Petar Penchev
  25. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-09
    Debt Financing of Municipal Investments in Bulgaria
    Nora Stoyanova
  26. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-10
    Structure of Material Consumption – Comparative Study
    Dafina Doneva
  27. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-11
    Diffusion of Green Innovation
    Dafina Doneva, Daniela Ilieva
  28. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-12
    Sustainability through Green Marketing
    Daniela Ilieva
  29. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-13
    Scale of the Bulgarian Markets for Beekeeping Products
    Lyubomir Lyubenov
  30. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-14
    Management System Transformation while Moving to Digital Economy
    Anna Egorenko, Olga Fomenko
  31. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-16
    Concepts of Digital Business Transformation Management
    Miroslava Boneva
  32. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-17
    Study of the Benefits of Life Insurance for Young People in Bulgaria
    Galina Stoyanova

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