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Book 1 - Agricultural Engineering. Agricultural Science and Medicine. Repair and Reliability. Industrial Design. Thermotechnics, Hydro- and Pneumotechnics. Ecology and Environment Protection.

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    Principle and construction of continuous operation digger for banana tree plantation
    Nguyen Duc Long, Hristo Beloev, Dau The Nhu
    Experimental approaches to test allelopathy relationships in plant communities I. Carriers of allelochemicals under laboratory conditions for optimal development of test plants
    Dimitria Ilieva, Plamen Marinov-Serafimov, Irena Golubinova, Svetlana Stoyanova
    Multiplication of weed vegetation in spring rapes and critical and periods in its’ development
    Svetlana Stoyanova, Ralitsa Mincheva, Iliyana Petrova, Petar Nikolov
    Evaluation of the level of weeding in spring oat variety “Alexi”
    Svetlana Stoyanova, Ralitsa Mincheva, Iliyana Petrova, Petar Nikolov
    Selectinc a seeder for different maize sowing schemes
    Vlado Donev, Petar Dimitrov, Atanas Atanasov
    Features of field experiments with vegetable crops in open areas
    Petia Angelova
  7. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-01
    Statistical distribution of the details from agricultural machinery made from cast iron
    Mitko Nikolov
  8. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-02
    Classification of the impacts of the quality of the object over the environment
    Mitko Nikolov, Plamen Kangalov
  9. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-03
    Selection of variables and criteria for evaluation of vibrating arc process during reconditioning of details from construction and agricultural machinery
    Mitko Nikolov; Iliya Todorov
  10. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-04
    Modeling of dynamic processes when starting a electric hoist motor
    Toni Uzunov
  11. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-05
    Comparison between different types of “in-cylinder” transducers for diagnostics of engine mechanics by pressure
    Todor Delikostov
  12. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-07
    Analysis of machinery maintenance and Industry 4.0
    Kaloyan Nikolaev
  13. FRI-ONLINE-1-MR-08
    Analysis of contaminations in used internal combustion engine oils and the reasons for their occurrence
    Gergana Atanasova
  14. FRI-ONLINE-1-THPE-01
    Comparative analysis of the noise generated by hydraulic systems with centrifufal fan, at two flow rate adjustment methods
    Nikolay Kovachev
  15. FRI-ONLINE-1-THPE-02
    Integrated system in Excel and SolidWorks for automated design of standardized nozzles ISA 1932
    Ivailo Nikolaev, Vasil Vasilev
  16. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-01
    Purposes in the development of the centers for production of seedling material for cultivation of bivalve organisms
    Plamen Manev
  17. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-02
    Introduction, acclimatization and naturalization of a seeding material from bivalve organisms in natural conditions
    Plamen Manev
  18. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-03
    Status and forecast of PM pollution - a key element for atmospheric air quality and population health
    Margaritka Filipova, Evelina Veleva
  19. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-04
    Study on composites of wooden and rubber particles. Setting up an experiment
    Orlin Antonov, Margaritka Filipova, Ivanka Zheleva
  20. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-05
    Method for inventory of environmental aspects in organizations
    Lyubomir Vladimirov
  21. FRI-ONLINE-1-EC-06
    Study of the soil hardness, as an ecological indicator of its current state
    Ventsislav Dobrinov
  22. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-01
    Research of the didactic features in the game design education
    Yordan Doychinov
  23. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-02
    Speaking and communication in public life. Socio-linguistic analysis of communication
    Milen Minchev
  24. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-03
    Advertising characters. New advertising practices
    Cvetomir Konov
  25. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-04
    The development of aesthetic variants associated with natural forms in the smoking pipes in order to reduce to smoking
    Desislav Gechev Ivanov
  26. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-05
    Cars suspension geometry - main parameters
    Rosen Daskalov, Maxence Rouxeville, Kamen Uzunov
  27. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-06
    Concept for suspension geometry with double wishbone
    Maxence Rouxeville, Kamen Uzunov, Rosen Daskalov
  28. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-07
    Methodology for research of basic parameters for double wishbone type suspension using CAD programs
    Kamen Uzunov, Maxence Rouxeville, Rosen Daskalov
  29. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-08
    Interior lighting design of a multifunctional university hall. “Educational hall of the future”
    Teodor Kyuchukov
  30. FRI-ONLINE-1-ID-09
    Systemic lighting design of a representative multifunctional university hall
    Teodor Kyuchukov

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