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PROCEEDINGS from 2018 г.

Quality of Higher Education
Book 9 - Quality of Higher Education

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  1. FRI-K1-1-QHE-01
    The Internalization in the National Quality System of Higher Education
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Radoslav Kyuchukov
  2. FRI-K1-1-QHE-02
    The Academic Values in the Changing World (The University of Ruse, Bulgaria as a Signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum)
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Juliana Popova
  3. FRI-K1-1-QHE-03
    Regional Dimensions of the University Leadership (The Case with the University of Ruse, Bulgaria)
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Juliana Popova, Diana Antonova, Svilen Kunev
  4. FRI-K1-1-QHE-04
    Integration of Higher and Secondary Education in Bulgaria
    Vyarka Ronkova
  5. FRI-K1-1-QHE-05
    The University Quality System of Education and its Functioning in the Branches of Ruse University
    Stanka Damyanova
  6. FRI-K1-1-QHE-06
    Learning System for Experts for Internal and External Evaluation of the Quality of Higher Education
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Radoslav Kyuchukov
  7. FRI-K1-1-QHE-07
    Analysis of the Results of Lecturers Qualification Enhancing through Participation in Specialized Courses
    Plamen Daskalov, Asen Asenov, Tsvetelina Georgieva, Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Diana Antonova
  8. FRI-K1-1-QHE-08
    INNOVENTER – an International Way to Support the Social Entrepreneurship Education
    Daniel Pavlov
  9. FRI-K1-1-QHE-09
    Web Based Application for Improving the Quality of the Financial Service of Students in the University of Ruse
    Rumen Rusev, Viara Ruseva, Vasil Kozov, Ivelin Chalov
  10. FRI-K1-1-QHE-10
    Methodology for Identification of Training Courses Expenditure by Structural Departments
    Miglena Angelova, Veselin Grigorov
  11. FRI-K1-1-QHE-11
    Main Factors in Ensuring Access to Higher Education for Young People with Disabilities
    Elena Lisnica
  12. FRI-K1-1-QHE-12
    Restraining Problems of Young People with Disabilities in their Implementation for Learning in Universities
    Julia Doncheva
  13. FRI-K1-1-QHE-13
    Increasing the Motivation for Learning of the Students from the Professional Field Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ruse
    Tanya Grozeva
  14. FRI-K1-1-QHE-14
    Why to Use and How to Choose an Interactive Board
    Angel Smrikarov, Vanya Stoykova
  15. FRI-K1-1-QHE-15
    Quality of Distance Learining in Engineering
    Tsvetelina Georgieva, Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Nikolay Mihailov, Boris Evstatiev, Seher Kadirova, Nadezhda Paskova
  16. FRI-K1-1-QHE-16
    Culture of Quality of the Education. Borders of Lighting Design. Beyond Bordеrs
    Teodor Kyuchukov
  17. FRI-K1-1-QHE-17
    Culture of Quality of the Education in Lighting Design. Personalization and Individualization
    Teodor Kyuchukov
  18. FRI-K1-1-QHE-18
    Training and Mobility Conditions of Students of the Example of the University of Ruse and the University of Uludag
    Asen Asenov, Velizara Pentcheva, Gokhan Sevilgen, Ezgi Olgu, Mihail Milchev
  19. FRI-K1-1-QHE-19
    Concept of Web Based Solution for Evaluation of University Graduates Employment
    Daniela Yordanova
  20. FRI-K1-1-QHE-20
    Shtakeholders Requirements Iin Corespondence of NEAA Criteria System for Programme Acreditation: Methodology for Assessment
    Daniela Yordanova

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