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BEST PAPERS for 2017

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  1. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-03
    Dynamic Computer Modeling of Arable Walking Tractor with Plow
    Radko Mihajlow, Vladimir Demirev
  2. FRI-9.2-1-THPE-06
    Transient Thermal Loads at Double Glazed Insulating Units
    Nina Penkova, Kalin Krumov, Liliana Zashcova, Ivan Kassabov, Veselin Iliev
  3. FRI-9.2-1-THPE-10
    The Process of Obtaining Energy from Biomass in the Gasification Process
    Krzysztof Jesionek, Grzegorz Wieczorkiewicz, Michal Rychlik, Robert Roszak
  4. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-01
    Experimental Study of Turbine with Oscillating Blades
    Emanuil Agontsev, Detelin Markov, Rositsa Velichkova, Iskra Simova, Martin Pushkarov, Guanyi Chen
  5. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-04
    Numerical Modeling the Interaction of Turbulent Jet with Suction Opening with Eccentricity between Sections
    Ivan Denev
  6. FRI-2.209-1-EC-01
    Analysis of Energy Efficiency of Heat Integration Framework of Atad Wastewater Treatment Plant Under Uncertainties
    Natasha Grigorova Vaklieva-Bancheva, Rayka Kirilova Vladova, Elisaveta Georgieva Kirilova
  7. FRI-1.417-1-MEMBT-01
    Design Developments of Vibration-Driven Mobile Robots
    Ivan Loukanov, Venko Vitliemov, Svetlin Stoyanov, Stoyan Stoyanov
  8. FRI-1.417-1-MEMBT-05
    Modelling of the Boundary Condition for Micro Channels with Using Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM)
    İlkay Çolpan, Erman Aslan, Hasan Rıza Güven
  9. FRI-1.417-2-MEMBT-01
    Influence of the Phase Transformation Rate of Nickel-Sulfide Inclusions on the Stress Concentration in Tempered Glass
    Veselin Iliev
  10. FRI-10.326-1-EEEA-06
    Electronic System for Home Automation
    Iordan Stoev
  11. FRI-2G.303-1-CST-02
    An Experimental Soft-Core Stack Processor
    Nikolay Kostadinov, Milen Loukantchevsky, Hovanes Avakyan
  12. FRI-2G.303-1-CST-03
    Sorting Data with Tables of Inversions without Moves
    Nayden Vasilev, Atanaska Bosakova-Ardenska, Nikolay Shopov
  13. FRI-2G.302-1-CSNT-01
    Modeling of Digital Filters by LabVIEW Web Application for Education in Telecommunications
    Ivelina Stefanova Balabanova, Georgi Ivanov Georgiev, Stela Slavova Kostadinova
  14. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-03
    Standards and Special Features of Theoretical Models of Planetary Gears
    Yuliyan Dimitrov, Martin Paalits
  15. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-23
    Study on the Engine Oil’s Wear Based on the Flash Point
    Tolga Yusnyu, Simeon Iliev
  16. FRI-2G.509-1-ESIR-LIPC-05
    Approaches to Intercultural Training in the Danube Region
    Hristina Sokolova
  17. FRI-1.414-1-MIP-02
    An Approach for Rendering 3d Content for Online Shopping
    Stanislav Kostadinov, Plamen Mihaylov, Kiril Kirov
  18. FRI-2G.305-1-ERI-04
    Futuremath Project - Innovative Pedagogical Methods, Techniques, Materials and Resources
    Ion Mierlus-Mazilu, Emilia Velikova, Mariya Mihailova
  19. FRI-2G.305-1-ERI-08
    Perception - Operating Scheme Peculiarities and Visual Ideas in Cybernetic Aspect
    Peter Dinev Petrov, Maria Petrova Temnikova, Veselin Videv
  20. FRI-2G.307-1-PP-06
    Children's Right to Opinion as an Element of Sustainable Community Development
    Bagryana Ilieva
  21. FRI-2G.307-2-PP-05
    Structural Aspects of the Socio - Psychological Training
    Vanya Dineva
  22. FRI-2.207-1-HEF-01
    About the Toponym Vanand
    Reneta Zlateva
  23. FRI-2G.405-1-LL-05
    Blessing and Creation in Ivan Grozev’s Poem “The Swan of Eternity”
    Velislava Doneva
  24. FRI-K.201-1-HP-02
    „Sensorineural” Hearing Loss Due to Injuries of Cilio-Tectorial Juncion
    Konstantin Georgiev, Ivajlo Vazharov, Cristo Bozov, Penyo Kutsarov, Dimitar Stavrev
  25. FRI-2.114-1-SW-04
    Discrimination of People with Disabilities on the Labor Market and Current Aspects of the European Union's Anti-Discrimination Policy
    Sasho Nunev
  26. FRI-2G.201-1-HC-01
    Supervision in Nursing - A Promise for the Quality of Health Care
    Sonya Koleva Toncheva
  27. FRI-2G.104-1-HC-03
    Analysis of Health Care During Clinical Laboratory Tests
    Tsveta Hristova, Ivanichka Serbezova, Tsvetelina Stancheva
  28. FRI-2B.313-1-L-02
    Legal Argumentation as Part of the Categories of the Common Theory of Law
    Doroteya M. Dimova-Severinova
  29. FRI -K1-2-QHE-08
    Expanding the Activity of Students from Professional Field "Transport, Shipping and Aviation" through Innovative Forms of Self-Preparation
    Ivan Beloev
  30. FRI-K1-1-QHE-07
    Standardization of Management Systems in Education
    Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Boris Sakakushev, Emil Trifonov
  31. FRI-LCR-KS(R)-01
    Mushroom Beta Glucans for Development of Functional Food Products
    Mark Shamtsyan
  32. FRI–LCR-1-CT(R)-01
    Porous Structure of Chars Obtained from Agro-Wastes
    Lenia Gonsalvesh, Velyana Georgieva, Mariana Tavlieva, Stancho Pavlov
  33. FRI–LCR-1-CT(R)-02
    Full Assignment of 1H and 13C NMR Spectra of (9H-fluoren-9-yl) Urea
    Maria Frenkeva, Marin Marinov, Plamen Penchev
  34. FRI-LB-P-1-BFT(R)-06
    Determination of Fenbuconazole in Apples (Golden Delicious) from Different Location
    Vezirka Jankuloska, Ilija Karov, Gorica Pavlovska, Tatjana Kalevska
  35. SAT-LCR-2-BFT(R)-05
    Milk-Clotting Activity of Higher Fungi Funalia Trogii
    Ekaterina Gannochka, Boris Kolesnikov, Mark Shamtsyan
  36. FRI-231-1-DPP(S)-01
    Problem-Posing Education as a Didactic Concept and a Methodical Direction
    Tsveta Hristova, Dessislava Stoyanova
  37. FRI-231-1-DPP(S)-02
    People of the Third Age as Subjects of Lifelong Learning
    Valentina Vasileva

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