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BEST PAPERS for 2016

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  1. FRI-216-1-NMTS-03(S)
    Formation of Indicators of Study the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the e-Learning
    Evgenia Goranova
  2. FRI-216-1-NMTS-09(S)
    A Study on the Effectiveness of e-Learning at University of Ruse, Silistra Branch
    Temenuzhka Bogdanova
  3. FRI-231-1-PPD-01(S)
    Actual Status and Prospects for the Development of Children and Youth Activities as Informal Education Practices
    Desislava Stojanova
  4. FRI-231-1-PPD-04(S)
    The Skill of Entrepreneurship and the Contemporary Transformations of the Roles of Teachers
    Diana Zhelezova-Mindizova
  5. FRI-116-1-LLH-01(S)
    Reconsidering of the Values in Blaga Dimitrova's Novel "Face"
    Rumjana Lebedova
  6. FRI-116-2-LLH-04(S)
    Models of Intercultural Communicative Competence, Linguistic Competence and the Role of Language Expressions for Developing Intercultural Competence
    Ivelina Zhechkova
  7. FRI-KC.1-KS-02
    Declaration "Ruse" - Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Peter Schulte, Gerd Wassenberg
  8. FRI-KC.1-KS-03
    The Role of Technology Transfer Offices for the Modernisation of Higher Education Institutions in Uzbekistan
    Aslitdin Nizamov
  9. FRI-2.101-ESIR-PSIS
    Round Table Daesh, a (Non)-Islamic State: The First Comprehensive Study on the Terrorist Organization
    Vladimir Chukov
  10. SAT-8.121-1-AMT-04
    Device for Measuring of the Waste Biomass at Harvest of Cereals
    Lazar Panayotov
  11. SAT-8.121-1-AMT-07
    Theoretical Background for Determining Parameters of Channel in Granulator Dies
    Bojan Bogomilov, Bojidar Kolev, Tihomir Todorov
  12. SAT-2.209-1-EEP-01
    Environmental Expertise -Methodological, Research and Management Guidelines Lyubomir
    V. Vladimirov
  13. SAT-2.209-1-EEP-04
    Data of Herpetofauna-Vehicle Collisions in the Region of Burgas City, SE Bulgaria
    Nikolay Natchev, Ivan Telenchev, Vladimir Mladenov, Ralitsa Georgieva, Emanuel Redl
  14. SAT-8.303B-ASVM-02
    Biochemical Evaluation of Alfalfa Forage Mass Grown Under Conventional and Biological Conditions
    Todor S. Kertikov, Anna V. Ilieva, Daniela V. Kertikova
  15. SAT-8.303B-ASVM-05
    Efficiency of Advanced Systems for Minimum and Unconventional Tillage for Wheat Cultivation on Slope Lands
    Petar D. Dimitrov, Hristo Beloev, Gergana Sl. Kuncheva
  16. SAT-1.202-1-RR-01
    A Comparative Study of Gantry Cranes Level- Luffing Jib Systems
    Emil Bargazov, Toni Uzunov, Ognyan Alipiev, Danil Bortyakov
  17. SAT-9.2-1-HT-02
    Pathways of Implementing for Fast-Growing Willow to Energy Purposes in Romania
    Viorel Berbece, Lucian Mihaescu, Gabriel Negreanu, Ionel Pîşă, Bogdan Niculescu, Mihai Toader
  18. SAT-9.2-2-HT-04
    Numerical Modelling of a Heat Exchange With Heat Tubes and Experimental Validation
    Milen Venev, Ilia Iliev, Veselka Kamburova, Ahmed Ahmedov
  19. SAT-16.203-1-ID-05
    Application of Suggestopedic Elements in Design Training. Memory Experiment "Introductory Boards". Part Two - Realization and Conclusion
    Miroslava E. Chatalbasheva
  20. SAT-16.203-1-ID-08
    Influence of the Location of 9 mm Carbon Filter in the System of Smoking Pipe on its Tartrapping Properties
    Desislav G. Ivanov
  21. SAT-9.3 -1-HP-13
    Digital Cascade Pressure and Position Regulator for Electrohydraulic Steering System
    Alexander Mitov, Jordan Kralev, Ilcho Angelov, Alexander Stojanov Mitov, Jordan Konstantinov Kralev, Ilcho Ivanov Angelov
  22. SAT-9.3 -1-HP-14
    CFD Study of Two-Phase Flow Behavior in the Cyclone. Efficiency Analysis
    Angel Terziev
  23. SAT-1.307-1-MME-04
    Changes in the Structure During Laser Treatment of Austenitic Steel
    Emil Yankov, Maria Nikolova, Vanya Zaharieva, Marian Firov
  24. SAT-1.307-2-MME-08
    The Application of the Methods of Special Seismic Protection
    Vladimir Corneev, Olga Mamontova
  25. SAT-10.326-1-EEEA-07
    Protection from Overload of the Electrical Motors on the Basis of a Heat Model
    Ivan Stoilov, Kiril Dzhustrov, Todor Tzvetkov
  26. SAT-10.326-2-EEEA-02
    Methods for Increasing the Reliability of Analysis for Treatment of Electrocardiographic Signals
    Aneliya Manukova, Maya Grozeva
  27. SAT-2G.303-1-CST-01
    Non-Determinism Support in The Fiberos Exokernel
    Milen Loukantchevsky, Nikolay Kostadinov, Hovanes Avakyan
  28. SAT-2G.303-1-CST-03
    Personal Monitoring and Managenent of Virtual Infrastructures Based on Zabbix
    Zdravko Mitev, Siana H. Valchanova, Veneta P. Aleksieva
  29. SAT-2G.302-2-CSNT-06
    Computer Modeling and Integration into the WEB-Based Application of Digital IIR Filters With LabVIEW and Artificial Neural Networks
    Ivelina Balabanova, Georgi Gergiev, Stela Kostadinova
  30. SAT-2.203-2-TMS-04
    Structure of the System and Methodology that Takes into Account the Availability of Letters in the Letter Boxes to Optimize the Costs of Collecting Route
    Dzhemal Topchu, Boris Evstatiev, Velizara Pentcheva
  31. SAT-2.203-1-TMS-08
    Research of the Electronic System for Fare Collection in Public Passenger Transport Ruse
    Aleksandar Tsekov, Velizara Pentcheva, Pavel Stoyanov
  32. SAT-2.203-2-TMS-11
    Study of the Bosch Electromagnetic Injector Characteristics
    Nikolay Yordanov
  33. SAT-2G.404-3-EM-01
    Towards Modernization of Market Competence of Graduates of Secondary Specialized, Vocational Education
    A. B. Nizamov, N. D. Namazova
  34. SAT-2G.404-2-EM-08
    The Bulgarian Banking System in 2016: A Costly Safe Box for the Small Depositor
    Elizar Stanev
  35. SAT-2G.509-1-ESIR-LC-01
    Allan Bloom's Book the Closing of the American Mind and its Modern-Day Implications
    Roumyana Petrova
  36. SAT-1.405B-1-MIP-01
    Extending Results for Some Binary Self-Dual Codes of Lengths 62 and 64
    Milena Nikolova, Nikolay Yankov
  37. SAT-1.405B-1-MIP-05
    Accelerating Computations on an Android Mobile Device
    Tzvetomir Vassilev
  38. SAT-2G.305-2-ERI-01
    Developing Mathematical Skills by Generating Problems with Computer
    Desislava Georgieva, Emiliya Velikova, Stefka Karakoleva
  39. SAT-2G.305-1-ERI-05
    Animated Drawings in the Studying of Trigonometric Functions in the School Maths Lessons
    Nikolinka T. Bachvarova, Margarita G. Varbanova
  40. SAT-2G.307-1-PP-02
    Project - Based Learning - Technology and Capabilities for Use in Bulgarian Schools
    Yanka R. Totseva
  41. SAT-2G.307-2-PP-03
    The Potential of Visual Models for Complex Support of Chidren in Learning for Natural and Social World
    Sonya G. Georgieva
  42. SAT-2.205-1-HEF-09
    The Nationalism in Spain in The 20 th Century
    Galina N. Yordanova
  43. SAT - 2G.405-1-L-02
    Bulgarian and Serbian Gesture-Related Phraseological Units Specifics
    Emilia D. Nedkova
  44. SAT-2G.407-1-AS-09
    On Triphony - Knowns and Unknown
    Klara Mechkova
  45. SAT-2B.313-2-L-05
    Measures to Probation Supervision in the Bulgarian Criminal Justice System
    Svetlin Antonov
  46. SAT-2.114-2-HPSW-08
    Clinical Case: Kinesiotherapy in the Early Postoperative Stage After Minimally Invasive Same Time Billateral Total Hip Replacement
    Aleksandar Ljubomirov Andreev
  47. SAT-2.114-2-HPSW-12
    Early Behavioral Markers of Autistic Spectrum Disorders
    Yana Pacholova, Margarita Stankova, Hristo Bozov
  48. SAT-2.113-1-PES-01
    Comparative Analysis of Physical Fitness of Students - Applicants for Entry of Civil Service in the Ministry of the Interior
    Ognyan Kachev
  49. SAT-2.113-1-PES-05
    Analysis of the Performance of Bulgarian Female Weightlifters in World Championships and of the Sports Profile of Medal Winners
    Nely Iankova, Valentin Panayotov
  50. SAT-2G.105-1-HC-01
    Simulation-Based Learning for Healthcare Students
    Nina Gamakova-Radkova
  51. SAT-2G.105-1-HC-KS
    Key Aspects of Modern Health Care in Traning of Nurses in the USA
    MaРєreta Draganova
  52. SAT-K1-1-QAHE-02
    The Higher Education Reform in Bulgaria - Weaknesses and Possible Improvements
    Aleksandar Kosuliev
  53. SAT-K1-1-QAHE-04
    Academic Community's Opinion Regarding Evaluation and Accreditation Procedures
    Vera Boneva, Radoslav Kyuchukov
  54. FRI-23-1-BFT(R)-02
    Nutritional Properties of Eincorn Wheat (Triticum Monococcum L) - Review
    Gjore Nakov, Viktorija Stamatovska, Ljupka Necinova, Nastia Ivanova, S. Damyanova
  55. FRI-21-P-CT(R)-14
    Influence of the Ceramic Slurry Characteristics by Forming of Porous Ceramics Using a Replication Method
    Ganka Kolchakova, Snezhana Koruderlieva, Ivan Chomakov, Milena Ivanova
  56. SAT-23-1-CT(R)-02
    Wastewater Treatment with Natural Zeolite of the Clinoptilolite Type
    Todor Michalev, Irena Markovska, Stanka Yaneva
  57. SAT-21-P-BFT(R)-13
    Analysis of Additives in Soft Drinks
    Mariyka Petrova, Ilina Ivanova, Stanka Damyanova, Nastya Ivanova

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