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PROCEEDINGS from 2018 г.

Faculty of Agricultural Mechanisation
Book 1 - Agricultural Engineering. Agricultural Science and Medicine. Repair and Reliability. Industrial Design. Thermotechnics, Hydro- and Pneumotechnics. Ecology and Environment Protection

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  1. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-01
    Study of vibrations caused by rotary movement of electric motor
    Radko Mihaylov, Vladimir Demirev
  2. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-02
    Mechanization of Small Family farms in Poland
    Edmund Lorencowicz, Jacek Uziak
  3. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-03
    Study concerning the effectiveness of some soil herbicides to wheat variety "Venka 1"
    Svetlana Stoyanov
  4. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-04
    Effect of herbicides on yield and structural elements of extraction in hybrid RS 464 and parental components
    Dimitriya Ilieva, Svetlana Stoyanova
  5. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-05
    Possibilities for cultivation of spring forage pea (Pisum sativum l.) cv. "Kerpo" for forage production in change of main technological factors
    Todor Kertikov , Atanas Atanasov, Daniela Kertikova
  6. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-06
    Biochemical characteristics of spring forage pea (Pisum sativum l.) cv. "KERPO" depending on the technology of cultivation
    Todor Kertikov, Atanas Atanasov, Anna Ilieva , Daniela Kertikova
  7. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-07
    About informed choice of machinery for field crop growing
    Valery Spiridonov
  8. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-08
    About selection of tractor’s trailer for linked processes in field husbandry
    Chavdar Vezirov, Atanas Atanasov
  9. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-09
    Influence of water erosion processes and application of soil erosion control technologies on sediment enrichment ratio
    Gergana Kuncheva, Petar Dimitrov
  10. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-10
    Influence of water erosion and different tillage systems for growing corn on sloping agricultural lands on the loss of available forms of phosphorus and potassium from the soil
    Gergana Kuncheva, Petar Dimitrov, Hristo Beloev
  11. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-11
    Methodology for technical and economic assessment of soil protection technologies for growing crops on sloping agricultural lands
    Violeta Andreeva
  12. FRI-8.121-1-AMT&ASVM-12
    Experimental research on the implementation of the operating and construction parameters of a chain trenchere in wind soils in Vietnam
    Doan Dinh Diep, Dau The Nhu, Hristo Beloev
  13. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-01
    The porous foam dust collector
    Alexander Genbach, Kudayzbergen Shokolakov, Iliya Iliev
  14. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-03
    Limit thermal fluxes and thermal stresses in porous coatings of a heat-energy installation
    Alexander Genbach, David Yu. Bondarcev, Iliya Iliev
  15. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-04
    Design of fuzzy self-tuning pid controller for electrohydraulic system
    Krasimir Ormandzhiev
  16. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-05
    Numerical modeling of the heat transfer process at movement of air in tube
    Zhivko Kolev, Plamen Mushakov, Pencho Zlatev
  17. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-06
    Analitical investigation on the operational characteristics of a heat exchanger with thermosyphons
    Veselka Kamburova, Svetla Baeva
  18. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-07
    Research for the possibilities and areas for the application of hydrostatic transmissions for the transmission of energy from the propeller to the electro generator of the wind turbines
    Ilcho Angelov, Petko Kyorgogov
  19. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-08
    Investigation of robust stability of electro-hydraulic control module for hydraulic steering system with linear-quadratic regulator
    Alexander Mitov, Tsonyo Slavov, Jordan Kralev, Ilcho Angelov
  20. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-09
    CFD analysis for cavitation flow through a converging-diverging nozzle
    Georgi Panchev, Hristo Hristov
  21. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-10
    Research regarding the pyrolysis of poultry waste as an alternative for its use in energy production
    Gheorghe Lăzăroiu, Lucian Mihăescu, Ionel Pîşă, Viorel Berbece, Gabriel Negreanu
  22. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-11
    Particulate matter measurements in indoor air
    Tsvetelina Petrova, Ognyan Sandov, Iliyana Naydenova, Rositsa Velichkova, Iskra Simova
  23. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-12
    Performance assessment of sorption regenerator for dehumidification in air handling unit
    Yordan Penev, Pencho Zlatev, Valentin Bobilov
  24. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-13
    Analytical presentation of the dimensionless characteristics of centrifugal fans
    Gencho Popov, Kliment Klimentov, Boris Kostov, Alexandar Bozhinov
  25. FRI-9.3-1-THPE-14
    Technical - economical analyse of the air heater when switching coal from natural gas
    Iliya Iliev, Angel Terziev, Milen Venev, Emilian Velkov
  26. FRI-9.2-1-EC-01
    Development of a new precise and sensitive analytical method for quercetin quantification
    Zvezdelina Yaneva
  27. FRI-9.2-1-EC-02
    Influence of artificial light on tomato productivity in greenhouse conditions in south east Kazakhstan
    Indira Belgitayeva, Kussainova Gulzhan
  28. FRI-9.2-1-EC-03
    Environmental impact of the noise, generated from two centrifugal pumps, operating in parallel – statistical aproach of the levels distribution
    Nikolay Kovachev
  29. FRI-9.2-1-EC-04
    The feasability of growing tomatoes in the crossing turnover in the greenhouses of south east Kazakhstan
    Indira Belgitayeva, Kussainova Gulzhan
  30. FRI-9.2-1-EC-05
    Innovative methods and technology for derivation of carbohydrate-silicone containing materials from waste biomass
    Simeon Borisov, Plamen Manev
  31. FRI-9.2-1-EC-06
    Riskmetrics to environmental protection
    Lyubomir Vladimirov

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