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Научни трудове за 2018 г.

Faculty of Automotive and Transport Engineering
Book 4 - Transport and Machine Science

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  1. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-01
    Оpportunities for work and distribution of technical documentation in small machine-building companies
    Yuliyan Dimitrov
  2. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-02
    Methods for calculating power losses in worm gear drives
    Vasko Dobrev, Yuliyan Dimitrov
  3. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-03
    Мethods for experimental research of worm gear drives
    Vasko Dobrev, Yuliyan Dimitrov
  4. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-04
    Differences in calculations of involute gear trains in three main standards
    Gergana Mollova, Antoaneta Dobreva
  5. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-05
    Study the fatigue strength of welded suspension for a electromobile prototype
    Ivo Draganov, Stiliyana Mileva
  6. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-06
    Design and study of electromobile prototype by Catia V5
    Emil Mitev, Simeon Iliev, Dancho Gunev
  7. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-07
    Equipment of a diesel engine working with gas fuel additives
    Krasimir Bogdanov, Radostin Dimitrov, Daniel Kostadinov
  8. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-08
    System for regulating the composition of biogas used as fuel for internal combustion engines
    Zdravko Ivanov, Radostin Dimitrov, Veselin Mihaylov, Delyan Petkov
  9. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-09
    Performance of 100% electric car Renault ZOE in of real driving condition operation
    Borislav Penchev, Trifon Uzuntonev
  10. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-10
    Experimental study of the influence of the electrohydraulic injector control valve's stroke over the performance characteristics of a diesel engine
    Nikolay Yordanov, Emilian Stankov, Kiril Xadjiev
  11. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-11
    Application of the "growth factor" model for projecting passengers in a city route line
    Mirena Todorova, Silvia Assenova
  12. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-12
    Assessment and analysis of the organization of the trolleybus movement
    Alexander Tsekov
  13. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-13
    Territorial peculiarities on road transport accidents in the Republic Bulgaria
    Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov, Stanimir Penev
  14. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-14
    Study of the organization of regular groupages as part of integrated suply in the conditions of 3PL operator
    Ivan Petrov, Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov
  15. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-15
    Main problems and perspectives for the development of urban transport
    Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov, Ivan Georgiev, Aleksander Sladkowski
  16. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-01
    Collision speed estimation using a different mathematical models
    Daniel Lyubenov, Svilen Kostadinov, Filip Kirilov
  17. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-02
    Comparative analysis of the methods for determining of the values of spare parts to cars
    Svilen Kostadinov, Daniel Lyubenov, Toncho Balbuzanov
  18. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-03
    Improving the safety of vulnerable road users
    Toncho Balbuzanov, Daniel Lyubenov, Svilen Kostadinov
  19. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-04
    A study of the driving license exams in Ruse district to improve road traffic safety
    Polina Atanasova, Daniel Lyubenov
  20. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-05
    Analysis and assessment of the conditions for transportation of dangerous goods along the danube as part of a multimodal scheme
    Kamen Ivanov, Asen Asenov, Stanimir Penev
  21. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-06
    Optimizing time to transport transit loads in a multimodal scheme between the sea and river ports with automobile transport
    Boril Ivanov, Asen Asenov, Velizara Pentcheva
  22. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-07
    Influence of risky driving a vehicle on driver's condition
    Dimitar Grozev
  23. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-08
    Analysis of training models of new drivers in the european union
    Nikolay Paunov, Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov
  24. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-09
    A study of motorcycle acceleration in real traffic flow
    Filip Kirilov, Daniel Lyubenov
  25. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-10
    A study of bicycle travel speed
    Ivo Balevski, Daniel Lyubenov
  26. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-11
    The organization of the work of taxi cars, working with mobile application in "Happy" company in Ruse
    Dimitar Grozev
  27. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-12
    Investigation and modeling of road traffic in the area of intersections in Ruse
    Pavel Stoyanov
  28. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-13
    Research on the organization of urban passenger transport in Ruse
    Rositsa Angelova
  29. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-14
    The impact of urban passager transport to the environment is assessed
    Rositsa Angelova, Velizara Pencheva, Dimitar Grozev, Pavel Stoyanov
  30. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-15
    Analysis of the transport work in the company "ACT LOGISTIC"
    Dimitar Grozev, Mihail Milchev

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