Faculty of Automotive and Transport Engineering
Book 4.1. - Transport and Machine Science

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  1. FRI- ONLINE-1-TMS-01
    Solidworks in Distance Learning in Graphics Engineering
    Krasimir Kamenov
  2. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-02
    Distance Learning in Engineering Graphics - Correction of Drawings
    Krasimir Kamenov
  3. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-03
    Contemporary Methods of Training in Engineering Graphics
    Vyarka Ronkova
  4. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-04
    Economic Feasibility Research of Design Process for New Technical Products
    Mariyana Karailieva, Vasko Dobrev
  5. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-05
    Theoretical Investigation of Modified Worm Gear Drives
    Rumen Yochev, Antoaneta Dobreva
  6. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-06
    Research of Driving Systems - Challenges and Possible Solutions
    Antoaneta Dobreva, Gergana Mollova
  7. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-07
    The Design Methodology for Investigating Worm Gear Transmissions withSignificant Dimensions
    Gergana Mollova, Vasko Dobrev
  8. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-08
    Strength Research of a Gear from a Car Gearbox - Processing of the Results
    Yuliyan Dimitrov
  9. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-09
    Influence of the Design Features of the Shafts on Their Mechanical Strength
    Yuliyan Dimitrov
  10. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-10
    Methods for Leds' Luminous Flux Control
    Petko Mashkov
  11. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-11
    Methods for Leds' Thermal Loading Estimation
    Petko Mashkov
  12. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-12
    Benefits of Virtualization and Some Practical Aspects of Virtualbox VirtualMashines
    Vladimir Mateev
  13. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-13
    Popular Fuel Cell Types - A Brief Review
    Tsvetomir Gechev, Plamen Punov
  14. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-14
    Study of Light Radiation Characteristics of Vehicle
    Daniel Ivanov
  15. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-15
    Using of Alternative Biofuels as a Fuel for ICE
    Nikolay Andonov
  16. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-16
    Algorithm for Computer Aided Parametric Arrays Design of Assemblies and Aggregates in the Automotive Industry
    Ahmed Ahmed, Borislav Angelov
  17. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-17
    Comparative Analysis of Carbon Emissions, Disposals in the Production and Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Angel Dandikov, Ivan Evtimov
  18. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-18
    Analysis of Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems for Vehicles
    Krasimir Kirilov, Ivan Evtimov
  19. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-19
    Comparative Analysis of Refrigerants Used in Car’s Climate Control Systems
    Georgi Kadikyanov, Rosen Ivanov, Gergana Staneva
  20. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-20
    Capabilities of Software Products in Modeling Real Engines Processes
    Ivaylo Borisov, Simeon Iliev
  21. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-21
    Influence of the Wear of the Control Valve Elements on the Characteristics of Common Rail Injector
    Kiril Hadjiev
  22. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-22
    Ergonomic Aspects in the Design of an Electromobile, Class "Prototypes" for Shell Eco-marathon Competition
    Dancho Gunev
  23. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-23
    Hydrogen Fuel Cells as an Alternative to Conventional Fuels
    Atanas Iliev
  24. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-24
    Application of Software Products for Modeling Sparc Ingnition Engines
    Dimitar Obretenov, Simeon Iliev
  25. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-25
    Mparative Analysis of the Internal Noise Levels of an Electric Vehicle and Vehicle with ICE
    Rosen Ivanov, Gergana Staneva, Kamelia Dimitrova
  26. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-26
    Content of Nitrogen Oxides in the Exhaust Gases of a Diesel Car in Real Operating Conditions
    Trifon Uzuntonev, Preslav Dimitrov

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