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Научни трудове за 2019 г.

Серия 4 - Транспорт и машинознание.

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  1. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-01
    Calculation Methodology of Economic Efficiency in Machines’ Brake System Regulated Repair Work
    Henrik Vardanyan
  2. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-02
    Еxperimental Study on Hazardous Fire Factors in a Passenger Train Coupe
    Svilena Arabadzhieva, Todor Toshev
  3. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-03
    Study of Some Exploitation Properties of Converted Electric Vehicle, by Reason of the Change in Mass and the Location of the Mass Center
    Evgeni Sokolov, Nikolay Pavlov
  4. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-04
    Exploring Different Car Suspension Solutions for the Shell Eco-Marathon Competition
    Rosen Hristov, Plamen Petrov
  5. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-05
    Analysis of Methods for Measuring the Temperature of Moving Parts of the Crank Mechanism
    Delyan Petkov
  6. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-06
    Modelling of Working Process of Diesel Engine When Working With Addition of Gas Fuel
    Velichka Georgieva, Krasimir Bogdanov
  7. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-07
    Modelling of Working Process of Diesel Engine When Working With Addition of Gas Fuel
    Daniel Kostadinov, Nikolai Andonnov, Krasimir Bogdanov
  8. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-09
    Analysis Braking Deceleration of Light Vehicles
    Zdravko Ivanov, Radostin Dimitrov, Stoyan Stoyanov, Daniel Ivanov
  9. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-10
    Experimental Study of Post-Injection for Soot Reduction at Medium Load of a Light-Duty Direct Injection Diesel Engine
    Plamen Punov, Svetoslav Mihalkov
  10. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-11
    Standards and Methods for Measuring Vehicle Noise
    Kamelia Dimitrova
  11. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-12
    A Review of the Possibility for Using of Alternative Fuels and Biofuels in Hybrid Vehicles
    Krasimir Markov
  12. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-13
    Investigation of tne Engine Operation on Gasoline-Isopropanol Fuel Blends
    Kiril Hadjiev, Emilian Stankov, Nikolay Daskalov
  13. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-14
    Improving Measurement Accuracy Through the Randomization Method
    Atanas Iliev, Petar Kazakov
  14. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-15
    Life Cycle Assessment for Compressed Air and Conventional Cars Concerning Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions
    Ivan Evtimov, Rosen Ivanov, Georgi Kadikyanov, Gergana Staneva
  15. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-16
    The Butanol as Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines
    Emil Mitev
  16. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-17
    Investigating the Opportunities of Automated Test Machines Used for Research of Mechanical Systems
    João Ribeiro, Hugo Alves, Gergana Mollova
  17. FRI-2.203-1-TMS-18
    Improving Students’ Communication and Problem Solving Skills During Teamwork
    Hugo Alves, João Ribeiro, Yordanka Dimitrova
  18. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-01
    Development of a Tethered Air Handler With a Soft Link
    Yavor Yotov, Simeon Iliev
  19. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-02
    Assesment of Time Irregularities of Road Accidents in Bulgaria
    Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov, Stanimir Penev
  20. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-03
    Optimization of the Carriage of Transit Goods by Road Between Two Ports as Part of Multimodal Transport With a Requirement for Prompt Discharge of the Vessel
    Boril Ivanov
  21. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-04
    Methodology for the Integration of Risk Management in Logistics Processes in Inland Ports
    Kamen Ivanov
  22. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-05
    Methods to Reduce the Number of Incidents with Vulnerable Road Users
    Toncho Balbuzanov
  23. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-06
    Assessment of the Maas System as a Tool for Shared Economy in Transport and the Application of Hydrogen Mobility
    Velizara Pentcheva, Asen Asenov, Dimitar Grozev, Ivan Beloev, Tsvetelina Georgieva, Plamen Daskalov
  24. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-07
    Study of the Possibilities of Applying Hydrogen Mobility in Modern Cities
    Asen Asenov, Velizara Pentcheva, Ivan Beloev, Dimitar Grozev, Plamen Daskalov Tsvetelina Georgieva
  25. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-08
    Determining the Power Required to Drive a Prototype With Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    Dimitar Grozev, Ivan Beloev, Georgi Hristov
  26. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-09
    Creating a Urban Vehicle Prototype With a Hydrogen Fuel
    Dimitar Grozev, Ivan Beloev, Georgi Hristov
  27. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-10
    A Study of the Influence of Input Parameters on Output Results for the Delta V Method
    Daniel Lyubenov, Filip Kirilov
  28. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-11
    Examination of Basic Qualities of Candidates for Drivers Category «B» for the Safe Driving of a Vehicle
    Nikolay Paunov
  29. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-12
    A Study of Advanced System for Training of Drivers Candidates
    Polina Atanasova
  30. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-14
    A Study of the Braking Properties of Cars
    Filip Kirilov
  31. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-15
    A Study of the Vulnerable Road Users Safety in Bulgarian Roads
    Ivo Balevski
  32. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-16
    Research Cross-Docking Warehouse Organization as Part of the Integrated Delivery System in Conditions of 3PL Operator
    Iskren Petrov, Ivan Petrov, Valeri Gamozov
  33. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-17
    Analysis of the Some Buses Routes from Urban Passenger Transport in Big City
    Pavel Stoyanov
  34. FRI-2.203-2-TMS-18
    Modeling and Simulation Approaches for Hybrid Fuel Cell Power Systems
    Velizara Pencheva, Tsvetelina Georgieva, Asen Asenov, Sechkin Remzi, Plamen Daskalov

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