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Серия 7 - Правни науки

Начални страници

  1. FRI-2B.313-1-L-01
    Rights as experiences
    Elitsa Kumanova
  2. FRI-2B.313-1-L-02
    About the kinship between the philosophy of law and the general theory of law
    Svetla Marinova
  3. FRI-2B.313-1-L-03
    Cultural identity as a function of the state
    Ivelin Velchev
  4. FRI-2B.313-1-L-04
    Execution of the law. Law enforcement process – main characteristics. Grounds for including the state
    Doroteya M. Dimova-Severinova
  5. FRI-2B.313-1-L-05
    Audit production under tax and social insurance procedure code. administrative regulation
    Velislava Acheva
  6. FRI-2B.313-1-L-07
    Coming into force and coming into effect of the legal acts
    Teodora Mladenova
  7. FRI-2B.313-1-L-08
    Matters of appealing procedures of penal decrees
    Diliana Kalinova
  8. FRI-2B.313-1-L-09
    Constitutional court’s case-law in 2019 concerning the conditions for appointment and for dismissal of civil servants
    Zornitsa Yordanova
  9. FRI-2B.313-1-L-10
    EU tax policy – goals and perspectives
    Elina Marinova
  10. FRI-2B.313-1-L-11
    Trends in the development of the European public procurement framework - positives and weaknesses
    Vania Panteleeva
  11. FRI-2B.313-1-L-13
    Proposals аnd Alerts аs Separate Proceedings иn тhe Common System оf Proceedings Before Administrative Authorities Under тhe Code оf Administrative Procedures
    Yavor Marinov
  12. FRI-2B.313-1-L-14
    Characteristics of Proposals and Alerts (Differentiation from Other Types of Applications Included in the Code of Administrative Procedure)
    Yavor Marinov
  13. FRI-2B.313-1-L-15
    Similar features and differences between the complaint and the protest in the administrative process
    Miglena Kisyova
  14. FRI-2B.312-1-L-01
    Appearance of legal entities under the current legislation
    Anastas Georgiev
  15. FRI-2B.312-1-L-02
    A possessor or a holder is the person after the entry into force of the judgment on the respected claim in property law (restitution or declaratory) brought by the owner?
    Serghei Kalincov
  16. FRI-2B.312-1-L-03
    The interdictional protection of the possessor in the roman private law
    Serghei Kalincov
  17. FRI-2B.312-1-L-04
    The obligation of the heir who accepted the inheritance under the benefit of inventory for giving an account
    Ventsislav L. Petrov
  18. FRI-2B.312-1-L-05
    About the distinction of commercial transactions of the absolute, subjective and presumptive
    Anna Nikolova
  19. FRI-2B.313-1-L-06
    Withdrawal of the marriage agreement
    Giuldan Erkianova
  20. FRI-2B.312-1-L-07
    Analysis of pre-employment protection in case of dismissal
    Svetlana Basheva
  21. FRI-2.101-1-L-01
    Institutionalizing terrorism as a factor of socio-political destruction in the context of the development of global socio-political processes
    Kremena Rayanova
  22. FRI-2.101-1-L-02
    Some problems in the application of probation
    Svetlin Antonov
  23. FRI-2.101-1-L-03
    Actual problems in the use of special intelligence means as a technique for establishing evidence in the criminal procedure of the Republic of Bulgaria
    Lyuboslav Lyubenov

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