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Научни трудове за 2019 г.

Серия 11 - Майски научни четения

Начални страници

  1. FRI-216-1 SSH(S)-01
    The ruler in the old Bulgarian Preaching Tradition
    Todorka Georgieva, Maria Tomova-Mihneva
  2. FRI-216-1 SSH(S)-02
    Tourist potential ooof Rousse District
    Daniela Yordanova, Milena Kirova
  3. FRI-216-1 SSH(S)-03
    Stories about the past. Perspectives, strategies, rhetoric
    Rumyana Lebedova
  4. FRI-216-1 SSH(S)-04
    A look at some of the first syntax textbooks
    Donka Radeva Ilieva
  5. FRI-216-1 SSH(S)-05
    The ruler in Zlatostruy and Tarzhestvenik from 12th century
    Todorka Georgieva, Maria Tomova-Mihneva
  6. FRI-216-2 SSH(S)-06
    Synonymy in logistics terminology due to shortening
    Galina Velikova
  7. FRI-216-2 SSH(S)-07
    The relationship between populism and direct democracy – The 2016 referendum
    Stanislav Todorov, Tatyana Burudjieva
  8. FRI-216-2 SSH(S)-08
    Philosophy of contemporary christian values
    Ivelin Atanasov Iliev
  9. FRI-216-2 SSH(S)-09
    Antichrist by Emiliyan Stanev – a attempt at psychological reading of the text
    Vladislav Dimitrov
  10. FRI-216-2 SSH(S)-10
    Policy of the Bulgarian government to fight corruption after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union
    Kosta Vlachkov, Ivo Stamboliyski
  11. FRI-227-1-PPTM(S)-01
    Moral and sport - unity and/or contradiction
    Eleonora Mileva
  12. FRI-227-1-PPTM(S)-02
    Analysis of critical thinking within the context of Benjamin Bloom`s taxonomy of educational objectives
    Diana Zhelezova-Mindizova
  13. FRI-227-1-PPTM(S)-03
    Strategies to affect anxiety of at-risk youth raised outside their family
    Katerina Zlatkova-Doncheva
  14. FRI-227-1-PPTM(S)-04
    Practical training of students - future teachers
    Galina Lecheva
  15. FRI-227-1-PPTM(S)-05
    Game effects on activity participation of children and youth with intellectual disorders
    Desislava Popova
  16. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-06
    IТ technologies in teaching literature
    Galina Lecheva
  17. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-07
    Cognitive and metacognitive resource of action research
    Diana Zhelezova-Mindizova
  18. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-08
    Emotional intelligence and its effect on aggression – syrvey for teachers, principals and parents
    Karina Gospodinova
  19. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-09
    Some methodological implications for supporting maritime english classroom activities
    Petina V. Vicheva
  20. FRI-110-1-ТS(S)-01
    Relative quantities of co2/g/kwh equivalent in the atmosphere from the generation of electricity for the movement of electric vehicles within the EU
    Milen Sapundzhiev, Valentin Manev
  21. FRI-110-1-ТS(S)-02
    Impact of unloading valve spring tension on hydraulic characteristics of cri solenoid nozzles
    Valentin Manev, Milen Sapundzhiev
  22. FRI-110-1-ТS(S)-03
    Elaboration of a didactic test for preliminary testing of the school subject "man and nature" (physical part) in 4th Grade
    Evgenia Goranova, Dorothea Dimitrov

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