НАГРАДЕНИ ДОКЛАДИ „Best Paper“ от 2021 г.

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    Principle and Construction of Continuous Operation Digger for Banana Tree Plantation
    Nguyen Duc Long, Hristo Beloev, Dau the Nhu
    Investigation of the Influence of Cooling Rate on Shrinkage Cavity and Porosity Formation in Al-Si Alloy
    Roussi Minev Minev, Emil Hristov Yankov
    Studying of a Servo System in State Space
    Donka Ivanova, Martin Dejanov
  4. FRI-ONLINE-1-CCT1-11
    Strategies for Motivating the Players in Video Games and Their Applicability to Educational Games
    Aneliya Ivanova, Ivaylo Borisov
  5. FRI-ONLINE-1-CCT1-14
    Application of Smart Cards in Personalized Education Software and Attendance Tracking
    Pavel Zlatarov, Galina Ivanova
  6. FRI-ONLINE-1-CCT2-04
    Evaluation of In-Person and Virtual Internship Learning Outcomes in Professional Higher Education
    Tatjana Marinkovic, Branko Savic, Milorad Muric, Ljubica Dikovic, Dragan Marinkovic
  7. FRI-ONLINE-1-TMS-13
    Popular Fuel Cell Types – a Brief Review
    Tsvetomir Gechev, Plamen Punov
    Improving the Passing Conditions through a Crossroads in the City of Sofia with High Transport Loads
    Durhan Saliev, Georgi Mladenov, Sandrina Babcheva
  9. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM1-02
    Comparison of Methods for Attendance Tracking for Offline and Online Events in Educational Organizations
    Igor Sheludko
  10. FRI-ONLINE-1-EM2-15
    Challenges in Managing Virtual Teams in Social Projects
    Nataliya Venelinova
  11. FRI-ONLINE-1-LIPC-01
    The Importance of Digital Communication Skills in Online Training
    Hristina Sokolova
  12. FRI-ONLINE-1-MIP-01
    Application of the Peaks-Over-Threshold Method on Analysis of Gold Price
    Yuriy Kandilarov, Byulent Idirizov
  13. FRI-ONLINE-1-PP-06
    The Process of Forming the Social Identity and Position through Education
    Lora Radoslavova
  14. FRI-ONLINE-1-LL-02
    Phraseology, Translatology and Phraseodidactics – Issues Related to Foreign Language Teaching
    Emilya Nedkova
  15. FRI-ONLINE-1-LL-06
    Worldview and Ideology in Three English Fairy Tales – a Multidimensional Approach
    Elitsa Georgieva
  16. FRI-ONLINE-1-AS-04
    Recording Music on Set – Specifics and Challenges
    Valeria Krachunova-Popova
  17. FRI-ONLINE-1-ERI-03
    Students’ and Teachers’ Perspectives on Project - Based Learning: Findings from a Case Study
    Diana Stefanova, Tsveta Shenkova
  18. FRI-ONLINE-1-ERI-08
    State of the Art Review of Volunteerism
    Emiliya Velikova
  19. FRI-ONLINE-1-PP-08
    Structural Positioning and Practical Dimensions of Volunteering in the Context of Socio-Pedagogical Work with Disadvantaged Children
    Desislava Stoyanova
  20. FRI-ONLINE-L-18
    Labour Law Aspects of the Appraisal of Educationalists
    Maria Radeva
  21. FRI-ONLINE-HP-12
    Innovative Approach in the Study of Muscle Strength - Theoretical Analysis
    Stefka Mindova, Irina Karaganova
  22. FRI-ONLINE-HC-11
    Formation of Social Skills in the Digital Environment for Health Care Specialists
    Tsveta Hristova, Maya Markova
    Concept for a Unified Electronic Information System for Processing and Storing the Exchange of Information Resources at the University Level
    Orlin Petrov
  24. ERI-ONLINE-KS(R)-02
    Improving the Efficiency of Processes and Equipment of Baking Production
    Volodymyr Telychkun, Oleksandr Gavva, Oleksii Gubenia, Yuliia Telychkun, Vitalii Rachok, Oleksandr Kozak
  25. ERI-ONLINE-1-CT(R)-01
    Synthesis of Garnet Pigments at Low Temperature
    Assistant Fila Yovkova, Irena Markovska, Tsvetan Dimitrov
  26. ERI-ONLINE-1-CT(R)-02
    Cross-Border Regions Collaborate for Blue Growth Part 1. Exploratory Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems
    Sevdalina Turmanova, Sabina Nedkova, Plamena Atanasova, Emilya Ivanova, Anife Veli, Aleksandar Dimitrov, Nikola Todorov, Velyana Georgieva, Blagovesta Midyurova, Stela Naydenova, Elena Mollova
  27. ERI-ONLINE-1-BFT(R)-01
    Development of a New Type of Alcoholic Ice Cream
    Oksana Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Galyna Polishchuk, Tetiana Osmak, Uliana Kuzmyk, Assistant Oksana Bass, Artur Mykhalevych
  28. ERI-ONLINE-1-BFT(R)-04
    Lactose Intolerance and Oral Health
    Reni Syarova, Petar Shentov, Zlatina Chengolova
    Investigation the Electrical Power Quality of a Metals Melting Electric Induction Furnace
    Svetlozar Grigorov, Konstantin Koev
  30. Reports Awarded with "Best Paper" Crystal Prize of Students, PhD Students and Young Scientists

    Non-Specific Physiological Diseases in Rapeseed (Oilseed Rape)
    Angel Ivanov, Petya Angelova
  32. THU-SSS-EEEA-02
    Development of a Quadcopter Based on the Raspberry Pi Platform
    Krasen Kunchev, Martin Dejanov
  33. THU-SSS-CCT-01
    An Interactive System for Learning How to Determine Investment Efficiency
    Angel Popgeorgiev, Elitsa Ibryamova
  34. FRI-2.209-1-TMS-06
    Design of an Internal Combustion Engine with Small Volume
    Ivaylo Nikolaev Borisov, Simeon Iliev
    E-Commerce in a State of Emergency – One Year Later
    Ana Todorova, Miroslava Boneva
    Application of the Phillips Curve to Study the Relationship Between Unemployment and Wage Growth in Bulgaria
    Lora Petkovа, Vesela Mihova
    Status and Recommendations for General and Additional Assistance for Personal Development of Children and Students with Severe Disabilities from Institutions
    Dima Spasova, Valentina Vasileva
    Synthesis and Characterization of V - Doped Diopside Ceramic Pigments
    Nikola Kuvandjiev, Ts. Dimitrov, Rositsa Titorenkova
    Grounds for Resumption of Proceedings for Issuance of Administrative Acts According to the Code of Administrative Procedure
    Mariela Velikova
    Applications and Benefits of Using Kiosks and Integrated Kiosk Software in Education Sphere
    Martin S. Dzhurov, Galina Atanasova
    By the Will of God – the Power of the Pre-Christian Worldview
    Reneta Zlateva, Antoniya Todorova
  42. THU-SSS-НР-07
    The Impact of Functional Kinesitherapy on Subsequent Complications of Chronic Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly
    Antony Mihailov, Nina Velikova, Ivelina Stefanova
  43. FRI-SSS-HC-18
    Techniques and Approaches to Overcome the Injections-Related Fear
    Elitsa Ivanova, Tsveta Hristova
    Bulgarian Contribution for the Application of Medicinal Plants of Family Lamiaceae and Apiaceae and Their Aromatic Products in the Food Products and Herbal Teas (A Short Review)
    Darina Georgieva Student, Assoc Vanya Gandova, Аlbena Stoyanova
  45. FRI-ONLINE-SSH(S)–03
    Passive Voice in English and Bulgarian Language
    Todor Todorov, Diana Zhelezova
  46. FRI-ONLINE-TS(S)-02
    Exploration of a DC Circuit in a Virtual Laboratory
    Alexandar Kolev, Evgenia Goranova
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