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Научни трудове за 2020 г.

Серия 11.1 - Обществени и хуманитарни науки. Педагогика, Психология, Методика на обучението. Технически науки.

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  1. FRI-110-2-KS(S)-01
    Influence of the University of Ruse in the Danube Region
    COR. MEM Prof. Hristo Beloev, DTSc – Rector of UR, Chairperson of US - Ruse
  2. FRI-110-2-KS(S)-02
    New Generations and the Education System
    Milena Damianova, Chairperson of the Committee on Education and Science in the 44th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria
  3. FRI-110-2-H(S)-01
    Functional Metathesis in the Oral Practice of the French and Bulgarian Languages
    Kirilova Veska
  4. FRI-110-2-H(S)-02
    The System of Personal Pronouns in the Romani Dialect in and around Kârdzhali
    Ivan G. Iliev, Inan Ârmak
  5. FRI-110-2-H(S)-03
    Activeness and Aspects of Implementation of the Literary-political Mythology of "Golden Dobrudzha"
    Rumyana Lebedova
  6. FRI-110-2-H(S)-04
    Touches on Satirical Work of Stoyan Mihaylovski
    Elitsa Raynova
  7. FRI-110-2-H(S)-05
    On the origin of several personal pronouns in Bulgarian language - from a balkan point of view
    Ivan G. Iliev
  8. FRI-110-2-H(S)-06
    The transformations of the Pedagogical School in Silistra 1890 – 1913 /1941 – 1944/ 1945 – 1962
    Natalia Mincheva
  9. FRI-110-2-H(S)-07
    Rationality in Politics is a Mirage
    Stanislav Todorov
  10. FRI-110-2-H(S)-08
    Party In The Balkans
    Alina Costea
  11. FRI-110-2-H(S)-09
    “September” by Geo Milev – An Aspect of Implementation of The Biblical Code
    Vladislav Dimitrov
  12. FRI-110-2-H(S)-10
    Features of the Subordinate Circumstantial Sentences for a Discount in the Story “Unhappy Family” bu Vasil Drumev
    Donka Ilieva
  13. FRI-110-2-H(S)-11
    On the Cult of Light and Its Influence on the Christian Religion
    Ivelin Iliev
  14. FRI-110-2-H(S)-12
    Clergy and literature in the Middle Ages
    Maria Tomova
  15. FRI-110-2-H(S)-13
    For Rhythmically Organized Toposes in the Nameless Vita of John of Rila
    Todorka Georgieva
  16. FRI-110-2-H(S)-14
    Methodological Aspects of Acquiring Practical Skills in Evelopment and Management of Social Project
    Daniela Yordanova
  17. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-01
    Distance Learning in Physical Education and Sports
    Antoaneta Momchilova
  18. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-02
    Problems of Ecological Education of Students of The Dagestan Basic School in The Context of The Implementation of New Standards
    Nedyurmagomedov Georgy Gadzhimirzoevich and Magomedova Manadi Akhmednabievna
  19. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-03
    The Literary Education and E-Learning
    (Lina) Galina Lecheva
  20. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-04
    The Leadership Status of The Guide in the tour Group
    Zahariy Dechev
  21. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-05
    Competence Approach in Foreign Language Teaching Within Education 4.0
    Diana Zhelezova-Mindizova
  22. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-06
    Language – Culture Relation and Intercultural Competence
    Diana Bebenova-Nikolova
  23. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-07
    Creation of Electronic Tests for Checking Competencies in Distance Learning in Information Technologies
    Evgenia Goranova
  24. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-08
    Health and Health Education in School
    Antoaneta Momchilova
  25. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-09
    The Flipped Classroom - Benefits and Challenges
    Milena Tsaneva
  26. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-10
    Psychological Accents for The Guide's Leadership in the Tourist Guide
    Zahariy Dechev
  27. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-11
    What Difficulties are There in Teacher's Work When Using Ultimedia in the Process of Teaching Students
    Vladislav Dimitrov
  28. FRI-227-2-PPTM(S)-12
    Let's Ask the Text - a Possible Strategy for Competence Development
    Vanya Ignatova
  29. FRI-116-2-ТS(S)-01
    Investigation the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Melting Lectric Furnaces for Ferrous Metals
    Konstantin Koev, Svetlozar Grigorov
  30. FRI-116-2-ТS(S)-02
    Investigation the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Melting Electric Furnaces for Non-Ferrous Metals
    Svetlozar Grigorov, Konstantin Koev
  31. FRI-116-2-ТS(S)-03
    Influence of the stroke of the solenoid valve on the hydraulic characteristics of electromagnetic injectors Common Rail
    Valentin Manev, Milen Sapundzhiev
  32. FRI-116-2-ТS(S)-04
    EU Strategy to Reduce Co2 Emission from Road Transport and Approaches to Its Implementation by Member States and Vehicles Manifactures
    Milen Sapundzhiev, Valentin Manev

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