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Серия 9.1 - Качество на висшето образование

Начални страници

  1. FRI- ONLINE -1-QHE-Book
    Problems and Prospects in the Formation of Human Capital in the Field of Education in Bulgaria
    Kristiyan Valchev
  2. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-01
    The Heinnovate Instrument in the Evolutionary Development of the University Model (The Case with the University of Ruse, Bulgaria)
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Juliana Popova
  3. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-02
    Challenges in the Public Communication and Dissemination of Information through the Channels of Mass Media in the Context of Covid 19 (The Case with the University of Ruse, Bulgaria)
    Hristo Beloev, Juliana Popova, Viktoriya Ivanova
  4. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-03
    Improving Educational Management Systems by Integrating Quality and Innovations
    Tzvetelin Gueorguiev, Boris Sakakushev, Boris Evstatiev
  5. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-04
    Trends and Perspectives for the Development of the Administration in the Higher Schools in Bulgaria
    Tanya Grozeva
  6. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-05
    Elaboration of Quantitative Indicators for Certification of Academic Professors
    Daniel Pavlov
  7. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-06
    Results from Increasing the Qualification of the Lecturers at the University of Ruse trom their Participation in Project № BG05M2OP001-2.009-0011 under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development
    Hristo Beloev, Plamen Daskalov, Asen Asenov, Tsvetelina Georgieva
  8. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-07
    Structure of the Academic Staff of the University of Ruse for the period 2015-2020 and its Impact on the Quality of Education
    Orlin Petrov
  9. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-08
    Results of the Support for Phd Students, Post-Doctoral Students and Young Researchers from Project № BG05M2OP001-2.009-0011 in the Operational Programme Human Resources Development
    Hristo Beloev, Velizara Pencheva, Diana Antonova, Tsvetelina Georgieva
  10. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-09
    New Approaches in Doctoral Education at the University of Ruse – a Response to the Challenges of a New Era
    Galina Ivanova, Pavel Zlatarov, Desislava Baeva, Diana Antonova
  11. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-10
    Internationalizations from at Home through Online Learning Modules in Occupational Therapy
    Liliya Todorova
  12. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-11
    Competence-Based Assessment of Practical Training in Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction
    Petya Mincheva, Liliya Todorova
  13. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-12
    Quality of Online Education in Medical Majors at Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”
    Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva, Ivanichka Serbezova
  14. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-13
    Results and Analysis of the Survey "Emergency Training"
    Aneliya Manukova, Viktoriya Petkova
  15. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-14
    The Activity of Computing and Information Services Centre in Unison with the Mision of Ruse University
    Miroslav Mihaylov
  16. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-15
    Esiah Concept. On the Road to European Academic Doctrine
    Teodor Kyuchukov
  17. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-16
    Analysis of the Approaches and Resourses for Tracking the Realization of Students at the Labour Market
    Kaloyan Stoyanov, Vanya Naydenova
  18. FRI-ONLINE-1-QHE-17
    Development of Artifical Intelligence and Effects on High Education in Finance, Accounting and Auditing
    Kamelia Assenova

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